I know, I know. I should write a real post. I should justify all the time and energy spent manipulating my blog format; make my existence mean something, in some way.

But, guess what — ?


I see futility in all the pursuits. The world is a trash fire, and we are apparently the spark.

So, I’m gonna change the play, here, instead; wave a white flag and say, “Gimme til next time.” It’s no wonder that the flag of surrender is white — white is the color of loss of will and spinelessness, as proven by the greedy and hateful bigots at the helm of our country’s plummet into the icy waters of another generation of dark history.

Therefore, a white flag it is. Here I am, prepared to follow this up by drinking a half-a-case of PBR, with a tupperware full of chicken salad in my lap, and Luke Cage Season 2 cued up on Netflix, retching out a 60 word cop-out disguised as a blog post.

Have a happy Friday, everybody. And a great weekend. And a week wherein we survive to have another happy Friday.

May you all achieve your dreams amid this rancid bacchanal we’re writhing in. #murica



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