I’m a geek. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it many times again.

It’s, like, what my whole social media and online presence is predicated on. And, I know what you’re thinking, but identifying as a geek has nothing to do with the strength of my allergy medication, or what level dungeon master I purport to be/not be, and it certainly is not related to how I relate, interact, or interpret social strata.

It’s simply how I pop-culturally self-identify.

I don’t want to speak for any of the other self-identifying geeks out there, but as myself, as a self-identified geek, and, well, the kind of actualized geek that I am, over the course of the evolution of geek culture I detect that there are some perceived collective habits that can be, perhaps, misinterpreted as being directly relative to geek, geekery, geekhood, geekdom, and/or all of pertaining geek culture.

These are habits that I, for one, forcefully reject. THESE ARE: 1.) Leadership. 2.) Assembly. & 3.) Justification.

Here is the thing that I’m saying: I don’t need some fucking geek mascot to tell me I’m OK, y’all. I don’t need to be legitimized by a publicly-digestible pop-figurehead. Nor do I need to find solace in some fucking parish within which to sit at the sides of other geeks, who, like myself, feel compelled to ceaselessly worship over our scriptures and lament at the foot of the alter of some shared niche interest.

Lastly, I certainly do not need a justification to like the shit I like.

Now, this all seems very passive-aggressive now, as I’m writing it. And, look, I know that by saying what I’m saying here, what might become obvious is that I’m not saying can be interpreted instantly as talking shit about “nerd culture.”

Now, I know the dissemination about differentiating between “geeks” and “nerds” might  seem pedantic, but, I assure you, the counter-classifications are very real. So, I’ll just say that, yes, what I am doing is talking shit about nerd culture.

Because, frankly, I don’t trust nerd culture at all in its current incarnation.

Yes, I think it’s a subculture that has, at one point or another, endured unfair judgement and treatment, up to and including social exclusion, and persecution. But, it’s also evolved into a behemoth of its own pain, and has turned that behemoth back onto everyone that it feels deserves its reprisal.

Look, I’ll admit that in the history of teen anguish, geeks just have it easier, ultimately. I mean, I dunno, one odd step for a geek in any direction and we’re just another mild-mannered Coldplay fan in your Fantasy Football League. There’ll always be a pride to geekdom. Nerds, though, have embraced their identifier that is loaded with their own scorn and bitterness.

IMHO, the pejorative connotations that follow nerds, is valid.  Abutted against nerd culture, I think the whole of our cultural tapestry just gets dosed with bad juju.

For example, like, I dunno, let’s say one — ahem — individual, whom identifies as a “nerd” felt that he/she had to, y’know, BUILD A NERD EMPIRE, both around and underneath him/herself, ON TOP OF WHICH HE/SHE FELT PRIVILEGED TO SIT AS A SUPPOSED GOD-KING/QUEEN OF NERDOM, as though he/she might be attempting to RECUSE ONESELF FROM PAST AND PRESENT JUDGEMENTS FOR SAID NERDERY by PORTRAYING HIM/HERSELF AS THE ONECE AND ALWAYS JUDGE OF ALL THAT EXISTS WITHIN HIS/HER RULE.

That HYPOTHETICAL scenario just, well, I think, creates a subtle precedent that, you know, the nature of the thing, will just blindly follow.

And then… then we get motherfuckers like INCEL. So… thanks nerds.






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