Maybe one of the reasons I never really made it as a writer is because I tend to lose my footing in the face of adversity so easily. Hell, I'd lose my footing at a third season premiere of "Succession," but to be fair that show is fucking awesome. It just seems like the kind... Continue Reading →


Today isn't Sunday. It's not March 29th. Certainly, it's not the end of the weekend. Today is 16. For some, might be a little higher. Others might be lower. Others, could be just right. To the brothers and sisters in Queens and the rest of NYC, Northern Italy -- fuck, all of Italy -- Spain,... Continue Reading →


BAADER MEINHOF (n) otherwise known as "frequency illusion" or "recency illusion," this phenomenon occurs when the thing you've just noticed, experienced, or been told about suddenly crops up constantly. Before I left for Fort Lauderdale last week for work, the temperatures dropped pretty drastically in Florida. Apparently, iguanas -- which reside down there, along with... Continue Reading →


On the phone today, my friend asks me, “How are you doing? Emotionally. We haven’t talked about that in a while.” There’s a silence while I think about it. Then I tell her I think I'm good, actually, and that I appreciate her asking. “Because,” I say, “Nobody’s asked me that in a while.” I... Continue Reading →


"Devouring Time, blunt thou the lion's paw..." I've always been concerned with time. Killing it, saving it. Trying to catch it when it flies, wishing it'd fly when it drags. Etc, etc. Trying to save it 'cause it's money, but there ain't never enough of it. Time is such a double-edged sword. We look forward... Continue Reading →


Recently I got in a brief Twitter smackdown in a trending thread on the subject of celebrities who're #blackfamous. It's regrettable because Twitter smackdowns always are, and plus the thread was really enjoying itself, going full viral in good spirits, destined for success if only for a single dangling string: celebrities considered "blackfamous" presumes they're unknown... Continue Reading →


Social media is a great place to catch yourself saying stupid shit you chastise other people for saying -- if you're into catching yourself. Some of us are not. I've been on the receiving end of marginalized ire (rightfully) when I've (admittedly) appropriated a piece of culture or misused perhaps either optic or verbiage for... Continue Reading →


Largely, I think poetics are bullshit. Granted: narrative, stories, the oral tradition (which loses its luster when you can't hear me say it with a haughty affect) -- all helped shape the anthropological imprint of civilization. But, I'm sorry, "story" also fucked up a lot of shit. I mean, for one it's carved out prejudice and... Continue Reading →

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